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Building Resilience and Connection During Nurses Week: An Invitation to Fellow Nurses

Monday, May 10th, 4-5 pm

Join a facilitated conversation in honor of nurses
No Cost.  Confidential (no recording)
We’ll pause, connect, learn, and reflect
New science and insights on stress resilience


Building Resilience and Connection graphic.

Even before COVID, clinicians faced chronic stress and challenges in the workplace, with little room to recover. It’s time for a new story in healthcare.

It’s time to value what has long been undervalued—individual and collective well-being.

Clinicians and healthcare systems can learn to flourish…even in the midst of adversity. To do so, we must prioritize and invest in well-being and resilience education that activates our agency to thrive. It’s time to build cultures of health that allow us to bounce forward, to create a new story—together.

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