Are you a nurse who wants less stress and more ease, balance and joy in your life?

I teach, inspire and offer empowering resources and resilience training to nurses and organizations so that they have the tools to thrive, serve and lead at their highest level.

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My passion is to promote clinician well-being and organizational change.

I’m the author of Receive, So You May Give: A Self-Care Path for Nurses. I’m also the author of my life.

I share my skills and give my best to the caregivers and organizations that I serve.

The rates for burnout in healthcare are twice as high as in other industries.

This has come at a high cost. The time to innovate is now.

An app is not the answer. Transformative learning is.

Together, we have the potential to heal, change and transform healthcare.

Amazon #1 Bestseller
Receive, So You May Give:
A Self-Care Path for Nurses

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