I connect with nurses in all phases of their professional lives from nursing students to nurse managers. We learn together in healthcare settings, nursing schools, communities, live events, retreats and online.

I also work with organizations, associations and academic institutions who value nurses.

Nurse Well-Being Workshops

Professional trainings for nurses are often not adequate enough for managing the multiple stressors associated with working on the front lines. This comprehensive program provides nurses with a new type of education that supports their well-being and the work they do in healthcare.

Resilience and well-being can be cultivated. This foundational workshop provides evidence-based knowledge, tools and practices along with wisdom, resources and action steps to empower nurses to thrive in all aspects of their lives including work.

Days Off for Renewal

Unplugging and taking time for rest, recovery, and rejuvenation are essential to well-being. Nurses are not machines and in fact, studies show that productivity actually increases when we’re qualitatively living well. This is difficult to do while living in stress response. Days Off for Renewal offer creative and mindful opportunities for nurses to calm their nervous systems and guard their well-being.

Compassionate Care Circles, Nurse Salons 
and Story-Telling

These facilitated conversations aim to enhance the well-being of nurses. CCC’s focus on cultivating and maintaining self-compassion and kindness in our lives and at work. Salons encourage lively discussions about diverse subjects and may include films, art, poetry and engaging presentations beforehand. Story-telling provides healing opportunities for nurses to share and give expression to their emotional experiences.


Whether it’s a silent retreat, a climb up a mountain or a weekend intensive on integrative health, we learn and grow together as nurses in supportive communities. Caregivers are often the glue holding things together in healthcare. In retreats, we balance our giving with receiving so that we thrive.