Joyce Morrissette, BSN, RN is an author, speaker and well-being facilitator for clinicians. Her book Receive, So You May Give: A Self-Care Path for Nurses is a healing guide for caregivers. Prior to becoming a nurse consultant, Joyce coordinated clinical research in Boston and worked for 25 years as a psychiatric nurse. Her advanced training includes the Integrative Health and Lifestyle Program for healthcare professionals at the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine, founded by Dr. Andrew Weil; an intensive on the Reinvention of Work, taught by pioneering theologian Dr. Matthew Fox; and learning from self-compassion researchers Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer. Joyce is a Martha Beck trained life coach and a mind body medicine facilitator. Her work is devoted to the advocacy of caregiver well-being, meaningful education and the transformation of healthcare. She speaks at universities, teaches, writes and offers workshops and retreats for nurses.