“What we appreciate, appreciates.” These are the words of visionary Lynn Twist. Her idea intrigues me and I’d like to apply this principle to healthcare.

Have you ever noticed the scarcity mindset that exists in our medical system? There’s not enough time, not enough money, not enough nurses and so on. Is this really true? Or, could it be that that we have everything we need but we’re not appreciating what needs to be appreciated.

I was at the doctor’s office not long ago and decided to ask the nurse practitioners whether they thought nurses were appreciated. Their answer was a firm no. “Nurses are treated like overhead” was their response. With the exception of the public, who consistently rate nurses as the most trusted profession, there’s a perception in our culture that nurses aren’t valued and appreciated for what they do.

I’m interested in helping to heal healthcare.

I wonder what would happen if organizations spent less energy on maximizing the bottom line and more energy on honoring and appreciating employees and patients? Perhaps we’d improve nurse retention and caregivers would come out of retirement and across state lines to work in healthy systems.

We get to have the kind of healthcare system we want. It all depends on our intention and where we place our attention.

There are companies in this country who are consciously and deliberately shifting their energy and cultures so that everyone flourishes. That’s what they value and appreciate in words and actions. Guess what’s happening to the bottom line of these companies? They’ve become even more successful.

I don’t believe we need more time, more money or more technology to save us. We already have everything we need.

“What we appreciate, appreciates.” What we focus on, we become.